How to avoid been a victim of On-Line Scams – Part 1 – The Sick Baby

Four tips on how to avoid the sick baby scam.

This hoax is particularly disturbing and lures you in by feeling sorry for a sick or ill child.

1.- If you see a picture of an ill baby or child with a caption that reads,

“Little Jimmy has cancer, click on link to donate $1.”

it will actually be a hoax.

2.- Do not donate money unless you know the person and never use your bank card.

The money isn’t going to help a young child – it’s going to help a con artist.

3.- Never share these photos.

If you do, you are playing right into the hoaxer’s hands and passing false information on to all of your friends.

4.- Avoid commenting on the photos.

Even if you know the photo is a hoax a comment can make the post appear on the tickers of your friends and can help spread the photo.

By being aware and alerting friends of this scam you can help to eliminate this unfortunate hoax.