We offer a variety of printing services in the Antelope Valley.

Printing services that are available for everyone, not just big businesses. We can help you to print your documents, and can also help you to design them as well.

Here is a description of the types of services that we offer:

Basic Printing Service.- You can print basic documents with your personal printer at home, the office, the library, the school or the office supply stores for a small fee, but when you need a perfect printing, special finishing or multiple pages printed, your best choice is to visit us.

Photocopying.- Our copier can make copies in black and white or color. There are a variety of different stock paper, styles and colors that you can choose from. When photocopying multi-page documents you can also need that they be folded and/or stapled – which will eliminate much labor and will save you a lot of money!

Design.- We can also help you design your images and layout of your documents. We can also design your logos, modify photographs, design any kind of printed material, ranging from business cards, postcards, letterheads, envelopes, flyers, brochures, banners, magnets, signs, vehicle graphics and wraps, windows signs, promotional products, apparel and almost any kind of item with your business information, sport team or school spirit, etc.

Large Format Printing.- If you need a big job, like a banners, posters or sign, we can print on different materials like paper, vinyl, magnet, sticker paper, perforated vinyl, even aluminum, wood and plastic substrates. They usually range from 12″x18″ up to 60″x any length.

Printing Services in the Antelope Valley
paper scoring

Numbering.- To keep your documents under control, you can use sequential numbers on them, whether they are invoices, purchase orders, estimates, repair order forms or tickets.

Scoring.- Is a mark that we use on card stock or heavier paper, to make easier to fold the paper in the correct spot, this will appear as an impressed line in your paper where there needs to be folded.

Cutting and Folding.- Because not all projects are the same size, we offer cut and sizing down your printing, as well as folding to make them the right size.