Perforated Window Graphic for Vehicles



Advertise your business or add a personalized graphic to your vehicle using our custom Perforated Window Graphic for Vehicles. Works best outside with high contrast, brightly-colored graphics

This material is fabricated with micropunctures over 50% of the film, the adhesive vinyl appears opaque from the outside without compromising the driver’s view.

We design, print and install the graphics on your vehicles, making them an excellent marketing tool.

Consider that while driving, you always will be on front of other vehicles. And even when parked, your exposing your brand.

That is the reason that  our Perforated Window Graphic for Vehicles get the best Return on Investment (ROI) from your advertising budget.

Schedule an appointment today to transform your vehicle on a mobile billboard, call now at 661-339-2719

Perforated Window Graphic for Vehicles


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