We print everything but money!

Whether it’s a sober black and white document, a full-color catalog or brochure, you will find that we have a solution that fits your needs. Take a look at how you can build your business with a variety of printed products.

We understand that printing is just one piece of the puzzle. That’s why we can help you through all stages from creation, design, printing, transportation and marketing. We will work with you every step of the process from reaching the initial design concept to choosing the right words, from printing your project to distribute it in the timeliest and less costly manner. No matter what is on your mind, we can print it.

You know that with printed advertising materials that are really attractive can help you catch your customers’ attention and increase awareness of your products and services.

We can provide you with a wide range of marketing tools: business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, catalogs, magazines, booklets, doorhangers, bookmarks, banners, stickers, labels, tags, name tags, name plates, vehicle magnets, vehicle wraps, envelopes, letterheads, stamps, prescription pads, notepads, checks, flags, foam letters, foam signs, neon signs, channel letters, website design, website hosting, domain registration, etc.

We create customized printed products that meet the needs of your project with the highest quality available. Whether you’re launching a direct mail campaign to acquire customers, distributing newsletters for customer retention, coupon cards for your fundraising campaign or business card printing to build your brand, we can offer great print products while adding a touch of marketing you need.

AV Graphix is a marketing communications company located in Palmdale, California, but we serve the entire country, with a team that provides practical solutions useful for you to strengthen your marketing efforts like never before. The results speak for themselves; you can count on us for custom printed products.

To meet all your business needs, AV Graphix has assembled a complete list of products and services. AV Graphix applies creativity and innovation to all your business challenges from the development of forms and brochures to the execution of advertising campaigns and websites. Connect with your audience! From the design of a direct marketing campaign or implementing an incentive program for employees, producing the annual report of your company or establish your brand, we can help.