Printed Flyers are an effective marketing tools used by businesses, they can bring more customers than other forms of advertising, including the Yellow Pages. AV Graphix Flyers & Brochures

Flyers are the most effective form of “direct marketing”. The versatility of printed flyers makes them effective in sending your message across.Custom Flyers and Brochures printed by AV Graphix

Direct marketing is when the advertising is literally pushed in front of the customers’ face so they have no other choice but to read your advertising message. Sometimes people does not call you right away, but many people put them to one side and ring you a few weeks or even months down the line.

Flyers are single page leaflets that are used for advertising and promoting a product, event, service or business, they are used by various businesses to make routine or special announcements and they are handed out to people walking on streets, pasted on bulletin boards found in college campuses, libraries, cafes, community meeting places, churches, malls and other places that attract crowds.

Flyers are distributed freely during events too.

If you have your design ready, send it our and we will print them at once, or you can let us know what your idea is and we will design them and print them for you.


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November 9, 2015