Auto Wraps Nowadays, when you walk on the street or drive on the road, you can see a lot of mobile billboards, that is, many cars or trucks wrapped with various ads. It’s called a “car wrap” and it has been  a pretty well-known, cheap way of advertising for many years now.

A car wrap is a hi-tech vinyl covering that is adhered directly to your car. The application is so precise, it is often mistaken for a custom paint job. With a car wrap, the company can maximize the area their advertising reaches by making it move.

Auto WrapsThis new advertising means is cost effective and can provide the business with a new look. Traditional advertising methods would suggest the more money the company spend, the more advertising they will receive; but with a moving vehicle wrap, they only have to pay a one-time fee to advertise and be seen by a whole city! Moreover, they can control who and where their wrap will be seen.

The best example of the car wrap, vinyl graphics and decals can be seen on the sports car racing. Sponsors do their best to be noticed, with the most colorful, wild and attractive decals and wraps they can put on the cars, but they all get nation wide coverage.

The United States Traffic Audit Bureau estimates that this display of information generates as much as 16 million impressions a year. Earlier, it was considered sufficient to have your contact phone numbers prominently painted on your vehicle, in order to attract clientele.

Today this is not enough. This method of advertising maximizes the number of hours of exposure for your product, whether it is a service or a consumable. Just think, no matter where you are driving, whether in town, on the freeway, stopping for lunch somewhere, or even changing a flat tire somewhere, there is someone always reading the information that you advertise.

Truck Wraps

According to the Trucking Association & Outdoor Advertising Association of America, statistics regarding what is called Cost- per-thousand (CPM), or the cost of reaching thousand people, is the lowest for vehicle wrap and graphics advertising. As a comparison, the CPM for Prime time TV spot is $20.54, Newspaper (1/4 page BW) is $11.66, Prime time network TV is $11.31, Radio (morning drive slot) works out to

$5.92, Rotary bulletins (posters) cost $3.90, Rotary bulletins (billboards), cheaper yet, at $1.78; but have a look at this: Truck side ad $0.70!